“Today I have met new friends!”

– Sofia, 5 years

Our Work

Our Mission

Regular developmental & Cultural activities

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Emotional Support


About Us

House of Ukraine is a non profit organisation founded in March 2022. Our mission is to provide Ukrainian children and youth, and naturally mothers they come with, after-school and weekend activities that promote learning and social interaction in a safe and inspiring environment.

We provide creative, learning and health oriented activities, with focus on rehabilitation and integration. Our initiative helps with preserving Ukranian heritage and maintain their cultural identity.

Said about us

The ukrainian group is highly motivated and engaged.
One of the strong sides of the "House of Ukraine" is their integration ability and wide reach to new contacts.
David Svantesson KFUM Central

How you can make a positive impact

  • fund educational activities
  • supply books, electronics and stationary
  • provide psychological counseling and mentorship
  • Give food donations
  • Join with engaging program or workshop
  • Support language learning (academic teaching or spoken practice)
  • Premises (after office hours 300sq.m recreational/office premise in Stockholm City)