The duration of the project is January-May 2024

Project "Olika men lika"

Theme of the project "Olika men lika"


Creation of a cognitive and creative space with appropriate conditions for culture exchange, integration and cultural adaptation for Ukrainian children, youth and women who are in Sweden since the crisis in Ukraine.

Tasks of the project:

  • To create various areas of activities, within the framework of the project, with the aim of learning in depth about two counties and self-realisation for motivated Ukrainian children and youth who strive for both self-identification and tolerant integration into the Swedish space.
  • Involve in the project highly qualified and experienced specialists, actors, artists, teachers who provide professional support in the development of Ukrainian youth in a new environment, motivate them to speak their native language, at the same time as learning about history and culture of Sweden, and most importantly - preserve and develop their identity within the framework of two cultures.
  • To create all the conditions in the House of Ukraine for the comfortable acquisition of new knowledge, interesting and creative communication for all project participants.
  • Organise a final reporting event with the involvement of all project participants and Swedish partners.

Areas of activity:

  • Art studio
  • Studio of folk crafts 18+
  • Literary and ethnographic club
  • Choir studio
  • Animation studio
  • Culture walks

Within this project we will conduct historical excursions, discuss prominent figures, cultural, practical and ethnographic features of two cultures.

Each of the participants could participate in several studios, and therefore receive more interesting and useful information

Expected results:

  • Project participants will gain new knowledge, skills and competences in the field of native language, cultures of the two counties, history, art in context of cooperation, tolerance and mutual support.
  • The project will involve a large number of participants over the age of 10. The activities will help them to more easily survive the most difficult moral and psychological crisis situations and integrate into Swedish society more quickly.