House of ukraine

About us

With a background of a teacher from Ukraine, Olena Polovska from Lutsk, realised the need of providing a continuous education for her three children as they arrived in Sweden as refugees in spring 2022.  She has been teaching for 11 years, and also working as an educator at a boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care.

Olena created a Facebook page for mothers and teachers and the word spread fast. Within the first couple of weeks, educational center was set up for 40 children with a pool of Ukrainian and Swedish professionals teaching the Ukrainian curriculum as well as Swedish and English language courses.

Swedish couple, Julia and Björn met Olena in April and since then they help with fundraising and after-school and summer activities in collaboration with Swedish partners.

World about us

The ukraining goup is highly motivated and engaged.
One of the strong sides of the House of Ukraine is their integration ability and wide reach to new contacts.
David Svantesson (KFUM)

Everyone needs to have a safe space - called HOME